Sophie Hastings: A T&T Success Story

I first met Sophie about 3 years ago. She was the sweetest girl and a star at tennis. We went to clinics together, hung out with each other, and even played doubles in tournaments. I am so lucky to have had her as one of my first tennis friends.

Sophie Hastings first joined Tennis & Tutoring when she was 11 years old. Her teacher announced the program to the class, and she was eager to be a part of it.

Immediately after joining the program, Sophie fell in love with the game of tennis. Her strokes rapidly improved with concentrated focus and commitment. She loved the energy and atmosphere around her at the Liberty Park center. She met lots of new people who shared similar interests and made many new friends. Not only did Sophie’s tennis career skyrocket, but

she was also able to notably improve her grades and academics. She says, “[The tutors] helped me with every problem I didn’t understand, which allowed me to grasp all the concepts from school.”

Before Sophie knew it, she was ready to take part in her first tennis tournament.

Sophie’s Tennis & Tutoring family supported her as she went into it. They watched her skills

shine bright, and were impressed by her improvement and dedication.

In order to take her game to the next level, Sophie was offered a scholarship by Tennis

& Tutoring to train at Sports Mall. To this day, she still practices there for 2 hours most days of

the week. She has continued to play multiple USTA tournaments since then, and has had great


Tennis has allowed Sophie to live a healthier lifestyle compared to her peers. All the

playing keeps her fit... so fit that she can outrun almost anyone at school! She also carefully

watches her diet since she has found that healthy eating helps with her endurance and allows

her to play better.

Sophie says that tennis has given her direction and somewhere to focus her energy in

life. Her ultimate dream is to get a college scholarship; she continues working towards this goal

with determination. “Tennis has taught me to be perseverant and overcome obstacles,” Sophie

shared. She’s on her way to reaching great things thanks to the help of Tennis & Tutoring!

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