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A free after-school program for
children in Title I schools

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Title 1 Schools
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Our primary focus is working with Title I schools, because they have large concentrations of low-income students. Their students are more likely to face life situations and socioeconomic disadvantages that negatively impact their physical health, motor skills, and ability to concentrate. They often feel alienated from society, suffer greater insecurities, experience depression, and are more likely to have behavioral issues. 30% of children raised in poverty do not finish high school. 

Tennis & Tutoring is a unique program that
helps children in each of these critical areas

Value of Tutoring
Why Add Tennis

The effect of tutoring
on young schoolchildren

A 2017 study found that tutoring was the most effective way to increase academic achievement in young children. Not only does tutoring improve reading and math scores, it helps improve attitudes toward learning and helps children think critically about problems and how to solve them. 

Alarm Clock

Tennis Players devote more Hours to study

Why add tennis to academic tutoring?


Tennis Players planning to attend college

Tennis improves physical health, mental focus, and self-reliance, creates higher self-esteem, better social skills, improved emotional stability, and behavioral control.  

A federally funded study showed the educational and social benefits of tennis was evident across socioeconomic levels.

40% of tennis players have 

an "A" Average 

The Differnce We Make

What we do actually changes lives


Increase in school attendance


Increase in

reading skills


Increase in

math skills

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